The Team

The Team

Our team members are joyful people who set a common goal of improving the life quality of children facing cancer.

  • Farczádi Gabriela
  • Simon János
  • Prof. Dr. Univ. Baghiu Maria
  • Farczádi Albert
  • Székely Ella
  • Dălălău Liviu
  • Dr. Căpâlna Brândușa
  • As. Principal Oltean Viorica
  • Farczádi Ali
  • Farczádi Ali

Farczádi Gabriela


Gabriela, president of our association is a woman who with help of the Almighty and many big hearted people managed to grow stronger than her fears, when back in 2005 doctors diagnosed her elder son with cancer. At first she was shocked, but after accepting the mission she was given, Gabriela and her husband, Ali sr. both decided they will win in this race and together after one year of herioc fight they could save their kid's life. When did so, they felt like they kearnt how to create something beautiful out of the pain and experience they gathered through this 1-year journey, so they founden our association in order to reach out and help other families that have to face the same problem they had.

Together we make miracles!


Simon János

Vice President

Simon János is a highly respected and truly loved mathematics professor. This may be the reason he won the voting campaign for "Teacher of the Year 2015" in the high school he works at. Loving father and grandfather of beautiful children. He is one of the founding members and is devoted in helping children in many ways; teacher Simon considers personal development a great priority in life.

Prof. Dr. Univ. Baghiu Maria

Founding Member

It's an honor for us, that dr. prof. Baghiu Despina Maria is part of this family. Doctor Baghiu is a highly educated, elegant woman with strong personality, who joined our mission at the very beginning. Collecting information and experience since 35 years - the time she has been the leader of the Hamato-Oncological department - we feel assured that we have the best partner.

Farczádi Albert

Founding Member

Farczádi Albert is one of the most active members of our organization. Loving father, husband and business partner. Thanks to the many many personal development trainings and seminars he attended through almost 20 years, he is now the leader of a dinamic, growing business group. Ali sr. has been a professional sportsman, loves the energy a sport can give you and also enjoys playing board games or anything you can do in a team.


Székely Ella


A woman of strong will and good presence, Ella runs her private business and has a beautiful, modern family.

Dălălău Liviu


Accountant professional, Dălălău Liviu is a person we can trust.

Dr. Căpâlna Brândușa

Founding Member

Doctor at I. Pediathric department of our hospital, dr. Căpâlna Brândușa is a glamorous, wonderful woman.

As. Principal Oltean Viorica

Founding Member

Viorica Oltean is the general assistant of the Hemato-Oncological department, has a wonderful family and is a serious partner.

Farczádi Ali



I am Ali, a creative, optimistic guy enjoying life. Trying to get the most out iof my time, I am working on several projects at the same time: I am the association's PR, have a role at the church and also develop my own business. One of my biggest dreams is to publish my book of poems entitled "Kid and Champ" that has as main message: life must be lived at the fullest.

After finishing my oncological treatment in 2006, my parents and a few close friends founded the "Together for Children with Cancer" association and inevitably I became a volunteer. Now I work as the PR of our organization. I love working with children and volunteers, who becaem good friends of mine, and I also feel good when we can come up with great new projects (such as Silver Box) and get the chance to give back the help that I received when needed.

Hope to see you soon!