Our main goal is to help children facing cancer.

Red Center

We want to have a place where to play and have activities with both children and their parents: game days, watching movies, thematic meetings, celebrating events, having guests of the association, trainings for volunteers, organizing and hosting events and trainings.

CHAMP Camp V Summer Camp

Children adore going to these camps with us. It is a great week of relaxing, but also a great opportunity to play until you are exhausted. The best part is you decide what you want to do more. For next years Champ Camp V we have to collect resources starting this summer, so we can never get lazy. Red Cells volunteers are eager to go out and ask for donations, but we need you, the member of society to help us make children's wishes come true.


40000 Lei
0 Lei


We need to hire a specialist in kinetotherapy to spend time 3 days/week and help children with limited possibilities of practicing sports or doing some workout to do some exercises.

Psychological support for parents and children

This program will include therapy through games and activities. For implementing this project we have to train a psychologist, doctors and volunteers. And also need a programme specially written for children facing pain to help them deal easily with the medical treatment.

Annual Festive Dinner

Starting in 2016 we would like to invite doctors and sponsors to have dinner with us at the end of the year and look back on these years to see what have we achieved together, because you probably know already: together we make miracles!

Red Cells volunteer training

Every year we take our volunteers out for a weekend of fun and learning. These team buildings are like food for the hungry. We need them in order to make our cells' work more efficient.